Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

✧ Week In Outfits - SUNDAY ✧

t-shirt: from edinburgh. necklace: a gift (but it's from monki). backpack: zara. trainers: h&m.

I don't know why but this is my favourite outfit of the week even though I didn't do much today. I only went to one of my favourite fleamarkets here and Cologne and then spend the rest of the time learning for my oral exam next week. I also really love the necklace. A friend of mine surprised me with it yesterday and I think it was so nice of him.
Have a great Sunday!

♒ Week In Outfits - SATURDAY ♒

sunglasses: from amsterdam. top: forever21. jacket: vintage. backpack: primark. belt: vintage. jeans: vintage. shoes: asos. necklace: primark.

I have to admit that I didn't wear the sunglasses on that day because the sun wasn't shining. But I think they look so nice with this outfit. I went to see the firework "Kölner Lichter" yesterday and it was beautiful.
I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

☾ Week In Outfits - FRIDAY ☾

jacket: h&m. dress: primark. shoes: Olive & Frank. necklace: h&m.  
Sometimes you just have a shitty day. I've caught a cold, have a bad headache and am afraid of my oral exam next week. But you know, I try to follow the rule that when you feel down, you should get dressed up. My glittery dress made me smile at least once today.
Have a great weekend!

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

♬ Week In Outfits - THURSDAY ♬

dress: vintage. shoes: dr. martens. backpack: zara. necklace: h&m.

I hate this weather. I was freezing in my dress today and it's the middle of July. I have bought so many cute shorts which are always complaining because they have to stay in my wardrobe and it's very boring for them in there. But when the weather keeps on being so crazy, I might have a chance to wear them on Christmas Eve. We'll see.
Have a nice day!

⚁ Week In Outfits - WEDNESDAY ⚁

blouse: vintage. jeans: vintage. loafers: urban outfitters. earrings: h&m.

I wore these loafers for the first time today. I love the way they look, but I got some painful blisters. Maybe I just need to wear them in and put them on while at home, so I can take them off whenever I want to. Anyway, those are no real problems.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016

☀ Week In Outfits - TUESDAY ☀

jacket: pepe jeans. top: forever21. belt: vintage. skirt: vintage. shoes: vintage. necklace: primark.

And here is the outfit I was wearing today. I apologize for the very poor quality, but it was quite late when I came home today and very cloudy outside, so the light wasn't really perfect.
Have a wonderful day!

Montag, 11. Juli 2016

✫ Week in Outfits - MONDAY ✫

Kimono: vintage. Co-ord: Boohoo Necklace: primark. Shoes: bershka.

It's Monday and a new week has started. This week I feel very inspired, so I hope that I keep on posting throughout the coming days. Today I really wanted to wear my violet kimono that I found at a fleamarket a few years ago. I actually received some strange looks when I went outside in it. Or I just have imagined this and people were simply admiring the wonderful pattern on the back of this little treasure. ;)
Have a wonderful start of the new week!