Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

✧ Week In Outfits - SUNDAY ✧

t-shirt: from edinburgh. necklace: a gift (but it's from monki). backpack: zara. trainers: h&m.

I don't know why but this is my favourite outfit of the week even though I didn't do much today. I only went to one of my favourite fleamarkets here and Cologne and then spend the rest of the time learning for my oral exam next week. I also really love the necklace. A friend of mine surprised me with it yesterday and I think it was so nice of him.
Have a great Sunday!

Kommentare :

  1. The necklace is actually really pretty!

  2. Looking cute as ever! Loooooove that rad skirt on you. :) xo

  3. aww, the necklace was a ver good present, I like the fabric of the skirt and all the items of the background ^^

  4. that is such a cute necklace! you look lovely x